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Pennsylvania law restricts the frame height and bumper height of vehicles driven in the state. As long as those rules are followed, vehicles can be equipped with suspension lift kits, aftermarket wheels and tires, performance shocks, aftermarket bumpers, and grille guards.

Governing Laws


Pennsylvania details its street legal laws in the Pennsylvania Code (PC) and the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code (PVC).

PC Title 67
PVC Title 75

Vehicle Dimensions


In Pennsylvania, the maximum vehicle width is 96 inches, the maximum vehicle height is 13 feet 6 inches, and the maximum overall single vehicle length is 40 feet.

PVC 4921
PVC 4922
PVC 4923

Tire Restrictions


All tires on vehicles driven in Pennsylvania must be safe. There is a minimum tire tread depth of 2/32 inches. Tire grooving is not allowed below the original tire tread depth.

PC 67-175-65
PC 67-175-80

Wheel Restrictions


To comply with Pennsylvania's street legal laws, vehicles must be equipped with wheels that are compatible with the tires that are mounted on them.

PC 67-175-65

Braking Requirements


Vehicles driven in Pennsylvania are required to have functional brakes on all 4 wheels. Vehicles under 10,000 lbs. GVWR must be able to stop from a speed of 20 mph within 25 feet. A secondary, mechanical, parking brake is required.

PC 67-175-64

Steering Laws


Pennsylvania does not have any steering related laws.

Suspension Laws


Front lift blocks are illegal in Pennsylvania. Rear lift blocks must not exceed 5 inches over original equipment.

PC 67-175-80

Frame Requirements


If the vehicle's bumper height, relative to the vehicle's frame height, is altered from the original factory dimensions, the frame height is limited to the maximum bumper height. Pennsylvania also requires that a vehicle's body and frame be in good condition.

PC 67-175-77
PC 67-175-78

Bumper Restrictions


Pennsylvania law restricts a vehicle's maximum bumper height according to the vehicle's GVWR.

Vehicle GVWR

Max. Bumper Height

Cars & SUVs

Front: 22 inches | Rear: 22 inches

Under 5,001

Front: 24 inches | Rear: 26 inches

5,001 to 7,000

Front: 27 inches | Rear: 29 inches

7,001 to 9,000

Front: 28 inches | Rear: 30 inches

9,001 to 11,000

Front: 30 inches | Rear: 30 inches

( Measured to the bottom of the bumper. )

PC 67-175-78

Fender Requirements


Pennsylvania requires fenders on all vehicles and both fenders and mud flaps on medium and heavy duty trucks. There is a maximum fender flare width limit of 3 inches and fenders must cover the full width of the tire tread.

PC 67-175-77
PC 67-175-80

Lighting Requirements


In addition to headlights and tail lights, vehicles in Pennsylvania are allowed to have additional lights installed. Off-road lights are allowed as long as they are covered and not in use while the vehicle is driven on the road.



Min. Height

Max. Height


2 min.

24 inches

54 inches

Tail lights

2 min.

15 inches

72 inches

Spot lights



42 inches

Fog lights



42 inches

Aux. passing lights



42 inches

Aux. driving lights



42 inches

( Measured to the center of the light. )

PC 67-153-AA
PC 67-175-66
PC 67-173-3
PVC Ch. 43

Window Laws


In Pennsylvania, Vehicles are required to have windshields and windshield wipers.

PC 67-175-71
PC 67-175-80

Exhaust Requirements


In Pennsylvania, vehicles are required to be equipped with mufflers. Exhaust cutouts and bypasses are not allowed to be installed. The tailpipe must exit outside of the vehicles bodyline.

PC 67-175-75
PC 67-175-80

Engine Swap Rules


Engine modifications and engine swaps are not clearly explained under Pennsylvania's laws.

Emissions Testing


Pennsylvania currently requires emissions testing in several counties.

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