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Massachusetts Lift Laws and Vehicle Equipment Laws

Massachusetts has very few vehicle equipment laws, unfortunately, one of those laws restricts suspension lifts to only 2 inches. Keeping that in mind, suspension lift kits are still allowed, as are aftermarket wheels and tires, performance shocks, aftermarket bumpers, and grille guards.

Governing Laws


The Massachusetts street legal laws are covered under the Massachusetts General Laws (MGL).

MGL Ch. 90

Vehicle Dimensions


Vehicle size in Massachusetts is restricted to a maximum width of 102 inches, a maximum height of 13 feet 6 inches, and a maximum single vehicle length of 45 feet.

MGL 90-19

Tire Restrictions


All tires on vehicles driven in Massachusetts must be in safe operating condition, without any bulges or exposed cords. There is no minimum tread depth. Tire grooving is not mentioned in the laws.

MGL 90-7K

Wheel Restrictions


Massachusetts has no laws related to wheels.

Braking Requirements


Cars and trucks driven in Massachusetts are required to have functional brakes. A secondary, mechanical, parking brake is also required.

MGL 90-7

Steering Laws


Massachusetts does not have any steering system laws.

Suspension Laws


In general, vehicles under 10,000 GVWR have a suspension lift limit of 2 inches in Massachusetts.

4x4 vehicles have a maximum suspension lift limit based on this equation:
Lift Limit = (wheelbase x wheel track) / 2200

MGL 90-7P
540 CMR 6.00

Frame Requirements


At this time, there are no vehicle frame height limitations in Massachusetts.

Bumper Restrictions


There are no bumper height restrictions in Massachusetts.

Fender Requirements


Massachusetts law requires all vehicles to be equipped with guards (mud flaps) to prevent spray or splash.

MGL 90-7

Lighting Requirements


At least 2 headlights and 2 tail lights are required in Massachusetts. It is unclear if auxiliary lighting is allowed.

MGL 90-7

Window Laws


Massachusetts' laws make no reference to whether or not windshields and windshield wipers are required, however, they do appear to be required to pass the Massachusetts vehicle safety inspection.

Exhaust Requirements


In Massachusetts, vehicles are required to be equipped with mufflers. Exhaust cutouts are not allowed to be installed.

MGL 90-16

Engine Swap Rules


It is unclear whether or not Massachusetts has any engine swap or engine performance modification rules.

Emissions Testing


Massachusetts requires emissions testing and general vehicle inspections.

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