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Pending Laws and Amendments

Pending: SEMA is working to fight a bill in Arkansas that would allow cities to remove inoperable vehicles from private property.
Pending: Law makers in Arizona are working on a bill that would make all 25 year old and older vehicles exempt from emissions.
Pending: There is a law pending in Iowa that would limit frame height to 23 inches and body lift height to 5 inches above the frame.

Update: Effective 7/3/15, Mississippi no longer requires annual vehicle inspections.
Update: Effective 3/1/12, Alaska no longer requires emissions testing for vehicles commuting to Anchorage.
Update: A bill that would have made suspension modifications illegal in North Dakota has been amended to performing a study on it first.
Update: Effective 8/1/10, New Jersey no longer requires mechanical inspections for passenger vehicles.
Update: Effective 6/1/10, Canyon County and the city of Kuna within Ada County require emissions testing in Idaho.
Update: Effective 1/1/10, the EPA has discontinued the emissions program for the Fairbanks North Star Borough in Alaska.

What You Need To Know About Street Legal Laws

The legality of off-road vehicle modifications varies significantly from state to state and this disparity causes much confusion to off-road enthusiasts. Street-legal laws range from practically non-existent in some states to extremely restrictive in others. Additionally, the degree to which these laws are enforced can vary depending on the county in which the vehicle is driven and a police officer’s interpretation of the law. Ultimately, the consequences of violating such laws can be as minor as a verbal warning or as severe as being refused coverage by an auto insurance company after an accident. Read More

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